How to Help

There are many ways in which you can help KMU:

  • Contribute to our scholarship fund.
    • Scholarships for Women
    • Scholarship for former child soldiers
    • Academic and or special merit awards
    • Grants for continuing education of KMU teachers
  • Help build KMU's physical infrastructure through financial gifts.  While our local leadership donates most of the labor, including the making of bricks, the cost of cement (aprox $30/bag) and roofing materials makes the construction of new buildings challenging. 
  • Volunteer to train our faculty and/or students in an area of your expertise.  This can be through physically coming to Kamina as a visiting professor or through video conferencing.  We are in special need of English teachers, I.T. experts, theologians, professional educators and leadership development coaches.
  • Help KMU find innovative ways to offer educational opportunities for our faculty and students.
    • Do you know of software and/or internet-based curriculum that is available at an affordable price?
    • Do do you know of any universities or seminaries that would be willing to offer its distance learning courses to our faculty and students?
Contributions through the UMC's Advance (#3021452):

Contributions also collected by Highland Park UMC