2012 Fundraising Priorities:

  • Scholarship funds for 400+ students  ($200=tuition & dorm room; $400=tuition, dorm room, books and lab fees)
  • $50,000 for the construction of our library (We already have 2000 books which have just been donated to us by a Methodist University in England and other books are being purchased in Europe)
  • Funds for the purchase of 100 computers


pictured: classroom construction

KMU 2011 Development Goals:

Human Development:

  • Create scholarship funds for women, former child soldiers and outstanding students 
  • Offer continuing education opportunities to KMU instructors
  • Bring in (physically or via video conferencing) guest lecturers
  • 2011 Human Development fundraising goal: minimum of $10,000 USD
Infrastructure Development:
  • Build Library
    • 2011 fundraising goal: $15,000 USD*
    • 2012 goals will include the obtaining of books and other materials for the library
  • Obtain Additional Computers and Equipment for the Computer Lab
    • 2011 fundraising goal: $10,000   
    • Lab now has 18 computers thanks to a generous donation by Katanga's governor in 2010
  • Build a large classroom for the English department
    • 2011 fundraising goal: $10,000* 
  • Complete dormitories currently under construction
    • 2011 fundraising goal: $6,000*
*Labor, bricks and many other materials are obtained locally. Construction estimates only refer to the purchasing and transport of cement, roofing and finishing materials. They are not a reflection of the actual total construction costs.